Free Scores

Danae's aire

This is a melody-piece of S. N. Kassos, a composer born in Karditsa (Greece) in 1989.

Performed by Orfeus Trio:

  • Joula Zografou (Piano)
  • Ludmilla Witzel (Cello)
  • Reiner Witzel (Flute – Saxophone)

Score: for Bagpipes N.1

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the earth poem

The Earth Poem is not just a piece of music, but an idea lurking at the deepest level of mankind’s existence. An idea such as the suggestion that nature is the “mother”, the notion that we came from earth and dirt is all but enough for our birth. For those who keep the door open, more of that ancient realization comes in; deep knowledge and remembrance of lost and ancient lakes that gone dry and prehistoric beasts lay dead or dying at the dry lake floor….

score: Sheet Music (the first two movements of the piece)

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