audio on psyxis


The Psyxis compositional technique is a new compositional method, the product of research by the composer. Taking into account the music’s l philosophical and symbolic background from antiquity to the present day, this technique is an evolution of the “punctum” method that is the basis of all western music practice. The eternal and the ever changing come together into unison forming the punctum, the dot that in western musical practice is the musical note. In the Psyxis technique, the element that symbolizes the eternal, is reproducing it self four times in order to create a five tone cord, which produces such a great spectrum of harmonics, that gives the impression of an imprisonment of the element of the “ever changing” into a frozen moment in time.


audio on rhoe

Rhoe is a compositional tecnique, developed by the composer, as an attempt to instill the laws of nature into the atonal music, in order for the atonal method to acquire the benefits of meaning.