Did speech gave birth



There is an indefinite relationship between musical melody and spoken languages. Scholars have argued for centuries about the origins of music. The case is that no one can prove with certainty which one come to be invented first, music or the ability of speech.

One can only look for evidence on the basic… read more


-Melody and Mode

Previously, Rhythm was discussed as one of the first and important elements appearing in known languages from ancient times to the present day. But there is also another more elaborate characteristic that languages are proud to possess that makes them as unique and elaborate… more


-Rhythm and Mode Working Together

Having discussed the two major elements, that spoken language share with music (rhythm and melody), this article aims in demonstrating those elements in practice.

Going back in time, the practices of music become somewhat simpler than those of the present day….. read more



Meaning in music


Part 1

In the course of the past articles, the relation between music and speech was discussed in an analytical way based in the comparison between the mechanics of each of the two subjects in question….read more


-Part 2

Stravinsky states that music cannot truly communicate “meaning” since it has none. A listener may interpret a major triad as happy but this is his own business, in reality this chord is nothing more than a sound compilation of three tones that happen to have a major sound and we can recognize this major sound because of the existence of the minor triad that has a minor sound. If it wasn’t for the minor triad to exist, then could we make the comparison and name the major triad as major sounding?… more


-Part 3

In the previous articles we arrived to the conclusion that meaning has to be assigned to sound so that the sound would be capable of communicating a message. It is our human need to assign meaning, since we strive to grasp the universe in its complexity. Art, may as well be nothing more or less than our desperate need to find meaning out of chaotic cosmos… more



The cycle of cyclic music


Part 1

Κατά τον μεσαίωνα και την προκλασική περίοδο, η εκκλησιαστική μουσική, επιρρέαζε την κοσμική σε τέτοιο βαθμό, που οι ύμνοι γινόντουσαν νέα τραγούδια για την ταβέρνα και την φιλική παρέα….read more


-Part 2

Η μουσικολογική έρευνα, τις περισσότερες φορές, χάνει τον προσανατολισμό της, γιατί μελετάται ασύνδετα από τις μηχανικές και τις ανάγκες της σύνθεσης. Κάτω από τον αγώνα για κατανόηση των κανόνων που διέπουν την σύγχρονη μουσική, αναγκαστικά θα πρέπει να γυρίσουμε στο παρελθόν. Τα ψήγματα όμως, πρακτικής της παλαιάς μουσικής, βρίσκονται διασκορπισμένα σε όλη την γηραιά ήπειρο….read more


What ever happen


With the establishment of the Ars Nova in the late medieval Europe, one can see major changes coinciding in social and political life, in scientific fields and also in the theological world. Those changes are of such significance, that later they lead the medieval world into the renaissance….read more